U.S. Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

U.S. Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

U.S. Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

U.S. Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

96th Test Wing, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

SF.60.14.B1008: Advanced Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Test Techniques

Bohun, M.

(937) 255-7210 x3639

Research interests are the application of Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Test techniques to quantify damage (i.e., fatigue cracking, fretting fatigue, wear) in aircraft landing gear components to include wheels, brakes and tires; as well as new innovative material development (i.e., metallic, composite or polymer) for improved corrosion, fatigue and lightweight damage tolerant designs to resolve design problems for landing gear applications or similar. Specific project concepts include:

• Materials development in low temperature polymer that expands under extremely low temperatures to seal aircraft wheel halves under low temp conditions ...may involve shape memory nano particulates/capsules within flexible polymer to seal wheel halves.

• Thermal Degradation of Composites. A thermal-effects database (developed over the past four years) requires attention in the form of DOE (ANOVA) data assessments to draw conclusions beyond those already reported. PhD assistance will be purely statistical in nature. Objectives of the tests were to determine thermal degradation thresholds (as evidenced by a decline in mechanical strength) in selected composite materials subjected to thermal flux of high-intensity and short duration, and to assess the ability of standard ultrasonic and advanced NDI methods to detect threshold levels of thermal degradation caused by high-intensity and short-duration heat flux.

• Resolve via Non-Destructive Inspection techniques the thermal profile within the tread of a dynamically rolling aircraft tire.

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