U.S. Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

96th Test Wing, Elgin Air Force Base, Florida

SF.60.20.B0001: X-rays and CT scans of conventional warheads

Lucas, J.

(850) 882-8028

We do not have a CT scanner for weapons but we do have an X-ray capability – To help us improve our diagnostic capabilities for warheads before and after a test we need to be able to use X-rays to understand better what’s inside a weapon. We do have CT scan data which could be compared to X-rays. Also these techniques could be used to analyze survivability and aging of different explosives

SF.60.21.B0001: Prediction of fragmentation from multiple simultaneous warhead detonations

Jerome, E.

(850) 217-2790

This SFFP topic solicits research to build the foundations for predictions of multiple simultaneous warhead detonations and their effects on given targets. Several conflict scenarios require the ability to predict lethality and collateral damage when multiple strikes occur at the same time in close proximity. Building on existing capabilities (developed through SFFP 2019 and 2020) that predict single static or dynamic warhead fragmentation behavior, a model needs to be developed to provide a predictor for the multiple interaction of two or more detonating warheads and the resulting fragment trajectories and velocities. (Variables to be considered include but are not limited to: the probability of fragment collisions, prediction of fragment tracks altered by collisions, probability of fragment break up upon collision and effects of distance between detonations). The newly developed model will allow designers to accurately assess lethality and collateral damage in conflict situation requiring multiple simultaneous munitions.

SF.60.21.B0002: Concrete Sled Testing

Jerome, E.

(850) 217-2790

Sled testing of full size warheads is expensive and time consuming. There is a need to develop a reduced-order models based on actual data of small-scale penetrators, to predict the behavior of full size penetrators and concrete targets. Further there is a need to investigate the parameter values in the reduced-order models and see how those relate to actual material properties.

Air Force Test Center

Kevin Medina
Phone: 661 277-9111
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