U.S. Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

AFTC Edwards Air Force Base, California

SF.60.14.B1003: Fundamental Research in Test Science, Test Engineering, and the Analysis of Test Results

Jerome, E.

(850) 883-2922

We have many opportunities to work with senior scientists and engineers at locations throughout the country. Specific areas of interest are described by advisors working at our ranges and test facilities (Edwards AFB, California, 412 TW, Eglin AFB, Florida, 96 TW, and Arnold AFB, Tennessee, AEDC), but placement with other advisors or other locations is possible. These include test sites at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, White Oak, Maryland, Moffett Field, California, and Holloman AFB, New Mexico. We are interested in research topics that advance and improve test science, test engineering, and our ability to properly interpret test results. Basic research in areas that advance the science of test is broadly defined and spans mathematics as well as most disciplines in engineering and the physical sciences. These include:

  • Novel measurement techniques, materials, and instruments that enable accurate, rapid, and reliable test data collection of physical, chemical, mechanical, and flow in extreme environments, such as those encountered during transonic flight, hypersonic flight, and the terminal portion of weapons engagement
  • New techniques for testing or fielding autonomous ground and flying vehicles
  • Advanced algorithms and test techniques that allow rapid and accurate assessment of devices and software to cyber vulnerability
  • New processes and devices that increase bandwidth utilization and allow rapid, secure transfer of test data to control facilities during test, with special emphasis on telemetry
  • Advanced mathematical techniques that improve design of experiment or facilitate confident comparison of similar but disparate tests
  • Advanced models of test equipment and processes that improve test reliability and efficiency

Prospective applicants who cannot find a suitable match in the advisor interest descriptions for the Air Force Test Center should apply under this broad description.

Air Force Test Center

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Phone: 661 277-9111
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