U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

Appointment Requirements FAQ

Appointment Requirements FAQ

1. What documents are participants required to submit once they have completed their fellowship?

  • Participants (both fellows and graduate students) are required to submit the following documents:

                                                   i.      Final Report Form coversheet with abstract (a summary of the research carried out)

                                                 ii.      Final Report (5-10 pages)

                                                iii.      Patent and Inventions Disclosure Form

                                               iv.      Evaluation Questionnaire

                                               v.      Quad Chart

Please note: Final payment will not be paid until all of the above paperwork has been received by Systems Plus.

2. Are fellows and graduate students permitted to submit the same final report?

  • While it is understandable that the content of the final reports will be similar, fellows and their graduate students must submit their own original final report.

3. What is the format of the report?

  • The report should be 5-10 pages, comprised of text as well as figures and references. It should include major technical and scientific findings of the participant's research.

4. May I send a power point presentation in lieu of my final report?

  • No, only reports written in paper format will be accepted.

5. To whom should I send my final report?

  • The report is to be submitted to the participant's lab advisor, the laboaratory point of contact, and Systems Plus.

6. What is the deadline for the report submission?

  • The report should be submitted no later than 45 days after the completion of tenure. Any extensions required due to extenuating circumstances must first be approved by Systems Plus by sending a written request to afsffp.pmo@sysplus.com.

7. What if my report exceeds the 10-page requirement?

  • Please speak to your lab advisor concerning this matter. As long as the lab is willing to accept a longer report, it is not a problem for Systems Plus.

8. Do I require special approval from Systems Plus regarding the publication of my report?

  • Special approval is not required from Systems Plus; however, as security procedures differ from lab to lab, please speak to your lab advisor regarding this issue.